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Cool & Start Aviation is a specialized 145 FAA Repair Station with emphasis on pneumatic and electro-mechanical components. Our wide range capabilities allow us to serve general aviation aircraft, regional and reaching wide-body applications.

Cool & Start is comprised of a select group of men and women very specialized and focused on the mission of serving our customers. These group of individuals are diverse and comes from many different parts, allowing the organization to connect and serve customers in every corner of the world. At Cool & Start, every member of the team understands aviation and the needs of our customers.

We strive to deliver a final product with the highest quality standards and the shortest period of time.

Cool & Start Aviation occupies a 10,000 square foot building in the vibrant city of Miami, 5 miles from the Miami International Airport. We comply with all FAA and EASA regulations, regarding safety and security. When you visit our facility, you will find a clean environment and a sophisticated working area for our visitors as well as our team members.

Our main objective is to serve our customers with the best quality in a timely manner, always trying to exceed expectations. We emphasize knowledge among our team, research and development are two pillars of what we do every day. We embrace change among our collaborators and are always looking for innovative solutions.

Cool & Start Aviation services covers more than 1,000 part numbers in ATA 21,30,33,36 and 80.  Our areas of expertise are Air Conditioning Systems, Pneumatic Valves, Air Starters, Fans & Blowers, Actuators, Switches and Lights.