• FAA CRS#C79R584Y
  • EASA CRS#145.6111
  • ANAC CHE#1212-31
  • Cage Code: 61M01


Founded in 2002, Cool & Start Aviation is registered as a female / minority owned corporation with the SBA. Born from a family who after several years in the Aviation Industry as Military/Commercial spare and engine brokers, decided to initiate their own repair station whereby filling a need in the industry for a truly specialized maintenance facility. At Cool & Start, our intentions from the beginning were driven from our desire to lead the industry as a unique and expert pneumatic repair facility. Our expectations are high as we constantly aim to provide first class service to current and new generation aircraft.

Human Capital

Our team is composed of professionals who are experts in their respective fields, with great knowledge, experience, and competence. Cool & Start's management team in diverse in age, providing a perfect business workforce. We feel this grants us an excellent competitive advantage, as we combine vast experience with contemporary ideas from energetic fresh professionals. Thus, our management team is ready to take on the modern and technologically challenging business world we currently face.

Test Stand

Cool & Start’s new custom built state of the art high flow test stand is designed to accommodate Air Cycle Machines, Air Turbine Starters, various HP Pneumatic Valves and pneumatic sensors ranging from regional to wide body applications. Using the latest in touch screen data acquisition and process control hardware and software, our computer controlled testing equipment ensures precision control and measurement during the testing process.

Test Cell

Air delivery for the Cool & Start test cell consists of a high flow rotary screw air compressors and 2ea large 800 cubic foot reservoir with 6,000 Gallons capacity. This combination allows us to maintain the stable flow of air required to test a large range of high flow pneumatic units. Supply air entering the test cell is treated through the use of an extensive micron filters, dryers and conditioning system to ensure optimal testing as per component maintenance manuals.